Are You Sabotaging Your Investment Success?
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Are You Sabotaging Your Investment Success?

behavioral finance
The human brain is hard-wired to create and use a system of shortcuts to analyze and react to potential threats. This system served us well thousands of years ago when we dealt with dangers like wild animals, contaminated water and trying to remember which red berries were safe to eat. These built in shortcuts help us to react quickly without conscious thought and serve us well in times of danger, but our fight-or-flight responses can sometimes get in the way of progress in our modern world.

Have you ever thought:
  1. “I’ll sell this stock when I can break even?”
  2. “I’ll focus on my retirement plan once I have more saved.”
  3. ”I’ve been doing fine so far, what do I need an advisor for?”

Our goal with this guide is to identify and examine three frequent thoughts that stem from investing biases. Download your free guidebook and start working towards the retirement you deserve.

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