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4 Vital Strategies to Keep Every Social Security Dollar You Deserve

In this guidebook you'll learn:
  • That a married couple's benefits could exceed $1.75 million.
  • Why 74% of retirees leave Social Security money on the table.
  • How to easily boost your benefits by 32%.
  • And more!*
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*Sources and assumptions for statistics cited above as follows: (1) Hypothetical estimate of lifetime benefits of more than $1.75 million based on assumption that high earner receives maximum 2016 FRA of $2,787, and low earner FRA is $0. Life expectancy of high earner is 85; low earner is 92. A 2% Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) has been assumed. (2) Approximately 74% of Americans elect to receive their Social Security benefits early and thus do not receive the full retirement benefit. (Source: SSA Annual Statistical Supplement, 2011). (3) 32% boost in benefits based on 8% per year increase for delaying benefits from age 66 to 70.